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10 Minute Stress Manager
10 Minute Stress ManagerDr. Emmett Miller, MD
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A favorite of the U.S. Olympic Team! This audiobook has proven itself time and again with business people, students, performers, athletes, and others who have little time to find the relaxation they vitally need. Learn to quickly relieve tension and wind down after a stressful period by focusing your energy and attention.

Written and narrated by Dr. Emmett Miller, MD for students, business people, managers, individuals in high-pressure jobs, and individuals who have limited time for relaxation.

Stress Release:  In this chapter, you’ll focus on releasing the mental and physical tension of a high-stress environment. This tension often accumulates in your neck, shoulders, and abdomen, and results in headaches, backaches, indigestion, and deteriorating performance. You have the option of extending the relaxation period by listening to the ten minutes of additional music and ocean sounds which follow the relaxation experience.

Focusing:  This experience offers you rapid relaxation. Then you’ll visualize your optimal performance and focus on self-confidence and satisfaction. You may focus on the optimal performance visualization for an additional ten minutes by listening to the music and ocean at the end of the experience. 

See the Contraindications and Precautions here.

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