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Abolish Anxiety by Dr. Emmett Miller, MD
Abolish AnxietyDr. Emmett Miller, MD
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All anxiety, whether it appears as panic, shyness, phobia, worry, obsessive-compulsive, or as a part of a period of depression, is the result of your nervous system overloading on the alarm part of the normal stress response. Relaxation is the specific antidote to stress and anxiety.

Generalized anxiety, chronic anxiety, social anxiety, shyness, and separation anxiety often respond very well to this audiobook written and narrated by Dr. Emmett Miller, MD. In addition, it is helpful in eliminating compulsive behaviors, obsessive thinking and worrying as well as performance anxiety, public speaking anxiety, and separation anxiety.

Abolish Anxiety is a valuable complement to any other treatment regimen (medical, psychiatric, meditative, herbal, massage, acupuncture, yoga, etc.), or you may choose to use it as your main tool for dealing with anxiety or anxiety disorders.

As you listen, then practice, you'll literally rewire your brain - creating new nerve cells, and new pathways and connections among your existing ones (neuroplasticity).

For optimal results, listen daily for 21 to 28 days.

See Contraindications and Precautions here.

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