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Attack Cancer!
Supercharge Your Immune System
Attack Cancer - DemoRon Eslinger
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This audiobook is personal. Hello, I'm Ron Eslinger. In February, 2011 I was diagnosed with grade 3 throat cancer and given a very bleak and painful prognosis. This is the program I created for me so that I could become the cancer survivor that I am. It was amazing how different I felt from the very first time I listened to it.


The healing visualizations and separate tracks of healing affirmations that I developed for this program, for my healing, for my comfort, and for my survival were instrumental in my healing. My body, my mind and my spirit refused to listen to the doctors who described to me a bleak, painful and a dismal existence - even if I survived the throat cancer. I was told the treatment was worse than the disease. I am cancer free. All the things that I did before my cancer, I am able to do now.


Cancer survivors (can-sur-vive) will tell you that a key ingredient is their ability to maintain a positive attitude. Research shows that relaxation, laughter and calmness increases the ability of the immune system while stress suppresses it.


If you or a loved one is suffering with Cancer, I highly recommend this product to help you or your loved one Fight Cancer, build your immune system, and to help with pain relief and stress relief during chemotherapy or other treatments. Clinical Hypnosis is a safe and proven method and has been used for thousands of years for pain and stress relief, surgeries, confidence, weight management, bad habits, and so much more.

You will be amazed at how you can take control over your life and how you will be able to Fight Cancer, rebuild your immune system, and start enjoying life again.

MD Anderson posted this study. Conclusion: A single meditation group class offered as part of clinical care resulted in relief of multiple self-reported symptoms in both patients and caregivers.

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