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Bolster Your Immune System
Bolster Your Immune SystemLaura King
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The strength of your immune system directly affects your body’s ability to repair itself. This audiobook, written and narrated by Laura King, can help you boost your immune system from a deep subconscious level. You'll find this especially helpful if you are facing a challenging health issue.

As you rest, Laura gently walks you through mental relaxation and positive energy exercises helping your mind, body and spirit to release inner stress. Listening nightly creates new pathways in your subconscious mind that automatically allow you to relax and free up energy so your immune system can work at its highest potential.

This audiobook will strengthen your confidence in your body’s ability to heal itself. Your body was created to be self-healing and you no doubt have already overcome many illnesses and injuries in your life with ease, now it's time to once again allow your powerful immune system to work with your treatment plan and bring you into a state of wellness again.

For best results, listen once or twice a day for 21 days.

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