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Caregiver Stress Management
stress managementLaura King
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All focus is on the patient – the doctors, your family, friends, and most of all you. Being a caregiver takes a lot of energy, and the lack of sleep and emotional stress can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Few things are more stressful than watching a loved one go through a medical crisis. This audiobook will help you learn to relax during stressful situations as a caregiver by using powerful breathing techniques and learning how to slow your heart rate. Learning these techniques will help you to react to stressful situations with calmly and peacefully, which is so important to maintaining your own health.

Maintaining your physical and mental health is the most important task you have in your role as caregiver because it allows you to be there for your loved one. This audiobook is written and narrated by Laura King to help you beat restlessness and sleepless nights caused by concern and worry. Be sure to keep it handy for "cat naps" during quiet times of the day.

For nighttime listening Laura recommends you listen at least once a day for a period of 2 to 3 weeks to help lower your stress levels and keep them there.

Optimal Sleep is also a good companion audiobook. 

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