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Courage to Let Go! by Laura King
Courage to Let GoLaura King
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Most of us drag the pieces of the past around with us without even realizing it. We have hidden agendas and self-defeating patterns that control our behavior without even know it! Letting go of those anchors is what this audiobook is all about. 

Written and narrated by Laura King, you'll release harmful thought patterns and replace them with new pathways in your subconscious mind which will enable you to move forward easily and effortlessly.

We all do it, so don’t beat yourself up. But you can do something about it. Courage to Let Go will help you make deep changes, actually reprogramming your mind to release hidden agendas and self-defeating patterns that are currently controlling you. Listening to this audiobook every day for 21 days will help you begin to recognize harmful thought patterns and replace them with healthy thoughts and decisions.

It's time to feel good in body and in spirit!

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