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Caregiver Support & Stress Management
Caregiver StressDr. Emmett Miller, MD
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If you are a health professional working during this pandemic, thank you.  If you are feeling burned out, we hope that this program will bring you back to center so you can care effectively for yourself. 

Please share this free program with health professionals in your life.  Doctors, nurses, or caretaker that would benefit from this experience.  Thank you for helping to get this to everyone who needs it.

It is offer at no cost by Dr. Emmett Miller, MD, and contains a soothing deep relaxation/meditation and guided imagery experience specifically designed to support caregivers. It guides you to release excess and accumulated stress and tension and to recommit yourself to your own care and those you care for. 

You'll listen to a heart-to-heart talk at the beginning followed by soothing guided meditation at 23:35. 

See Contraindications and Precautions here.

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