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Freedom From Pain
Freedom From PainRon Eslinger
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Chronic Pain is a condition of mild to severe discomfort. Pain is a symptom of disease or injury. Some diseases cause sudden and severe pain while others cause long-lasting disabling pain. All types of pain are subjective and can be measured and reported only by the person experiencing it.


Pain can be sorted into three main types: Acute pain, Chronic pain, Cancer pain


Acute pain alerts you that something is wrong with your body. Infections, injuries or cancer are common causes of acute pain. A variety of treatments are available for acute pain. Acute pain generally is relieved when the problem causing the pain is treated medically or surgically.

Chronic pain is a long-lasting discomfort that has no relation to warning of danger and leads to a major change in a person’s ability to function. Arthritis pain and low back pain are examples of chronic pain.

Cancer pain is a side effect of cancer. Cancer pain should be aggressively treated whether the cancer is treatable or not.


This audiobook is written and narrated by Ron Eslinger, a certified nurse anesthetist. Using his unique knowledge of how the brain perceives pain, Ron skillfully combines proven therapeutic practices to help listeners access their inner resources to dial down pain or remove pain altogether.

Freedom from Pain was designed to relieve all types of chronic and acute pain including: Fibromyalgia, hip & back pain, shoulder, neck & knee pain, arthritis, headaches, toothaches, cancer, leg, feet & ankle pain, TMJ, chest, migraines, and more. For best results, listen at least once a day for three weeks.

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