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I Can! Achieving Self Empowerment
I Can! Dr. Emmett Miller, MD
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A feeling of empowerment is essential to accomplishing anything you really want to accomplish–whether this is taking better care of yourself, improving your relationships, confronting major issues in your life, or simply reaching for peak performance. In order to create self-empowerment, you need to feel a sense of confidence, competence, and respect for your unique gifts, talents, and skills. This audiobook written and narrated by Dr. Emmett Miller, MD can help you.

I Can - In Chapter 1 Dr. Miller's warm, inspiring voice takes you on a beautiful, soothing journey to your inner safe place, where you will reaffirm your deepest values and sense of Self. Then you will review some of your past successes, no matter how small or big, and extract from them the potential you need to empower yourself in the present.

The Daily Power Boost - Chapter 2 offers a brief but powerful imagery experience designed to support you in reinforcing your new attitude in just a few relaxing minutes each day.

Self-Esteem/Self-Acceptance - In Chapter 3, Dr. Miller will show you how to achieve the all-important attitude of Self-acceptance. 

More Ideas for Empowering Yourself - Chapter 4 provides even more wise guidance in this Heart-to-Heart talk you can listen to as you drive or engage in other activities. You will learn to use your Self-acceptance to empower you.

See Contraindications and Precautions here.

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