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Law School - Test Taking Skills
Take TestsLaura King
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Choosing to go to law school is a big step, and it is vital that you are fully confident in your abilities as a student and as a future lawyer to learn and retain knowledge. This audiobook, written and narrated by Laura King, will retrain your brain to achieve your goals with ease.

With stacks of cases to review and case law to absorb, your mind needs to be razor sharp, and this audiobook will boost your learning and test taking abilities at a deep subconscious level. With daily listening, you'll teach your mind to accept your ability to learn easily, automatically and naturally – learning and test taking will become easy for you.

Gain the confidence needed to become a successful student and a successful lawyer. For optimal effect, listen nightly for three weeks and watch as you breeze through law school. 

For optimal results, listen once a day for 21 to 28 days.

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