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Overcome Love Addiction
Overcome Love AddictionSkye Winslow
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Are you someone who finds it difficult to be single? Maybe you jump from relationship to relationship, constantly searching for that feeling of passion or security. Or, perhaps the intensity with which you love has caused problems in past relationships, where the other person finds it overwhelming. Or maybe you expend a huge amount of energy trying to find a partner and keep them happy so you can feel loved.

Research (1) shows that romantic love changes our thought patterns, behavior, hormones, and even sleep patterns. 

While such an intense love can lead to a life-long happy relationship, it can also have a dark side. You can become addicted to the feeling of infatuation, which can cause you to make bad decisions about who you are with, and to neglect your own life. This can lead to an endless quest for the right person, and loss of the ability to make yourself happy.

But the good news is that it is possible to break this cycle of love addiction and learn to rely on yourself for contentment.

This audiobook is can help by allowing romantic love to be just be one part of your life. With repeated listening you'll no longer rely on being in love to make you happy. 


Purchase includes both music version and narration only.

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