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Overcome Impotence
Overcome ImpotenceSkye Winslow
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However 'laid back' one may be about sex, this is a deeply personal matter, and it is not easy to ask for help. As a result, many men who encounter this problem put off doing anything about it and may find themselves suffering far longer than they need.

There are essentially two things to do if you find yourself having repeated problems with getting or maintaining an erection. The first is to make sure that you deal with any possible physical causes. Erectile disfunction is associated with a number of medical conditions, so you need face your fears and go and talk to your doctor.

The second thing to do is address the psychological factors that can lead to impotence by themselves, or that can aggravate it even when the root cause is physical or medical. Prime psychological factors are the state of the relationship between yourself and your partner, and any stresses or strains you may be under in your personal, social, or working life. Don't ignore stress - it has wide impact, including on your sex life.

This deeply relaxing session will help calm down the stressful emotional arousal that has become associated with sexual activity and...

  • restore control of sexual function to your subconscious mind

  • reduce any anxiety about sexual performance

  • re-establish the spontaneous response pattern behind erection

  • bring back all the fun and pleasure of good sex

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