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Prepare for Surgery
Prepare for SurgeryLaura King
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Surgery is serious, whether elective surgery or required surgery, and preparing for surgery should not be taken lightly. Your choice of physician, the facility and your accommodations after surgery are all important decisions and details to attend. But surgery preparation is not just medical and physical, it is mental. Studies have shown that proper mental preparation before surgery can lead to a less painful experience and quicker recovery time. Guided meditation and self-hypnosis has been successfully used medically to reduce bleeding during surgery, to reduce the amount and aftereffects of anesthesia and to increase the speed of healing after surgery.

This audiobook was written and narrated by Laura King to help you at a deep subconscious level. You'll learn relaxation and positive imagery techniques that can help you before, during and after surgery. Listen often to deeply ingrain the process in your subconscious mind. Trust your choice in physicians, and trust your mind and body to heal when the surgery is complete.

For optimal effect, listen at least once a day for three weeks.

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