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Relieve Stress by Belleruth Naparstek
Relieve StressBelleruth Naparstek
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We know you will enjoy this skillful and artfully produced approach for relieving stress by noted expert and guided imagery pioneer, Belleruth Naparstek and composer Steven Mark Kohn. It's a frequent choice for patient referral by health care providers and mental health professionals, as well as a popular word-of-mouth favorite among friends, as it helps most people one way or the other.

This popular audiobook for stress relief consists of four different exercises, each designed to produce a centered, balanced state of mind, uplift mood and restore a sense of focused calm.

The first chapter to relieve stress is guided imagery for mastering anxiety, providing simple but powerful self-soothing skills to last a lifetime. The second exercise offers evocative images designed to pump up natural feelings of love, safety, protection and support.

The third is a deeply relaxing for the fidgeters among us who are too wired or agitated to sit still. And finally, for those who prefer brief ideas and images that they can use quickly and efficiently, we offer our popular affirmations for stress relief, to use any time, even while driving, folding laundry or working.

Meditation vs. Yoga for stress? Research shows both work equally well. Recordings are very convenient for those with less time!

2019 Study - mindfulness meditations on smartphone.

ISBN: 9781615873845

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