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Relieve Stress & Tension
Relieve Stress & TensionSkye Winslow
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Do you feel as if the very next little thing that goes wrong will send you over the edge?


Sometimes life can be too much for us. Whether it's a sudden deluge of major disasters, or the slow drip, drip, drip of steadily accumulating worries, there are times when life just wears us down. And what if you're not in any kind of a state to deal with them? If you can't think straight, how will you even begin to fix things?

This audiobook will help you by giving you back your inner strength and resilience. Just put on your headphones and relax that mind.  Sleep if you wish - because in as little as two to three weeks, you'll feel a noticeable difference in both your body and your mind. 

Meditation vs. Yoga for stress? Research shows both work equally well. Recordings are very convenient for those with less time!

Purchase includes both music version and narration only.

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