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Soccer - Be the Best!
Be the BEST Soccer PlayerLaura King
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You know that you are a good soccer player; now this audiobook will give your mind permission to be the best soccer player you can be!


You work your muscles, you train hard on the field, now it's time to train your mind to be the best soccer player on your team. Research has shown that physical stamina accounts for just 20% of sports performance while the remaining 80% is attributed to mental stamina. To be the best player you can be, you need to feel good about your talents and allow your natural abilities to rise to the surface.


Written and narrated by Laura King, who has helped thousands of athletes become their best, this audiobook will help you to drill down and observe in detail what makes your role model great, then helps you absorb those lessons as you learn to imitate them.

Make this audiobook a part of your daily regimen for a period of 21 to 28 days and see what a change it can make.  

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