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Survive Stress
Survive StressRon Eslinger
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This audiobook, written and narrated by Ron Eslinger, contains five journeys and one affirmation.


Each five to ten minute journey explores a different stress releasing experience and contains biorhythmic music at 60 beats a minute to entrain with your heart. Underlying alpha tones to match the brain's natural relaxation frequency.  All of this comes together, as you focus and become a part of the guided imagery, which will guide your mind and body into calm relaxation.


Download the eBook to learn about the Relaxing Breath, Counting Down to Relaxation, Your Relaxing Place, a Relaxing Walk on the Beach, the Healing Color of Orange, and Positive Affirmations.

For optimal results listen daily for two to three weeks. 

Meditation vs. Yoga for stress? Research shows both work equally well. Recordings are very convenient for those with less time!

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