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Wake Up and Be Positive!
Wake Up and Be PositiveLaura King
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It shouldn’t take a full pot of coffee in the morning to cheer you up. Waking up naturally with a positive attitude, ready to take on the world is as easy as listening to this audiobook written and narrated by performance expert, Laura King

Brainwaves are your brain's neurons talking to each other. The awake and alert brainwave state is called Beta. But daydreams happen in Alpha - a slower brainwave state. In this audiobook, Laura helps your mind to relax... first, to this day-dreamy Alpha state, then progressively down deeper into Theta and Delta - where you mind is totally relaxed, yet open to learning and imagining a new reality.  It's in this slow wave state your mind consolidates information including Laura's suggestions to feel happy, alert, and refreshed when you wake. Because your brain knows what these things mean to you specifically, if fills in the blanks in a way that gets you the results you want.

Listening nightly helps you to rewire your brain for happiness and joy. It's the fastest path to, "Goodbye Grumpy - Goodmorning Happy!"

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