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Wanka, The Caring Elephant 
Wanka, the Caring ElephantDr. Roxanne Daleo
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WANKA, THE CARING ELEPHANT is a well–crafted, enchanting tale told through the eyes of a kind elephant and other animal characters and is voiced by a talented group of young actors children will enjoy.


Wanka learns that love, cooperating with others, and sharing are the keys to harmony in our lives. It is a charming musical tale that ultimately teaches how we all come to relay on each other. Children will especially enjoy the bonus feature called, "Resting: A Caring Time."


Writer and narrator, Dr. Roxanne Daleo completely occupies the listener with words and imagery specifically designed to familiarize children with the sensations and concept of a relaxed body and a peaceful mind.


Additionally, this story teaches the listener a specific pain management technique as well as an effective confidence building skill called mental rehearsal.

Your entire family will come to love Wanka, the Caring Elephant.

Recommended for pre-school and older.

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