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Witnessing Passing
Witnessing PassingLaura King
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When it comes to the final stage in life it is important to remember that there are others with you. Just like when you were born; your mother was there with you, witnessing and sharing this miracle of “you” coming into this world. Now that you have reached the final stage of your journey there may still be loved ones witnessing the miracle of “you.”

This well-crafted, compassionate audiobook was written and narrated by Laura King to gently increase relaxation during this time of life. Family and friends will learn to listen without judgment and handle what they are witnessing. The treasured people in your life will be guided to release negative emotions associated with witnessing a loved one’s passing leaving only the love and peace they deserve.

Find the strength within to handle this moment. Listen to the audiobook in a safe quiet space during the day or to help you gain understanding and calm your mind while you sleep.

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