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Stop Biting Your Nails
Stop Biting Your NailsLaura King
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Nail biting starts innocently enough but often grows into a nervous compulsion. In time you become ashamed of your mangled fingers and hide your hands.

This Overnight Learning audiobook uses visualization and relaxation techniques designed to help you let go of your nail biting habit. Listen daily as writer and narrator Laura King helps you uncover and release the destructive thought patterns that caused nail biting in the first place. Discover the reasons for your nail biting and eliminate this nervous pattern. With repeated listening you'll learn how to cope with feelings of frustration and nervousness without using nail biting as an outlet.

The audiobook works with your subconscious mind to break the connections between triggering events, situations and feelings and your nail biting compulsion. As you relax you'll feel nurtured and a new sense of serenity and strength grows as you develop an understanding of your ability to choose a healthy lifestyle, free of nail biting.

If you are ready to take control just listen daily for a minimum of three weeks for optimal effect.

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