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Be More CreativeLaura King
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Tap into your innate creativity while you sleep! Your subconscious mind is a vast storehouse of ideas, abilities, and creativity.

The major difference between a smart person and a genius is their ability to access the information stored in their subconscious mind. Of course, this audiobook doesn’t promise to make you a genius, but it will give you the tools to efficiently connect with your higher mind in order to access your intuitive and creative self.

Listen as you fall asleep each night and your subconscious will form new pathways that'll allow you to be more creative than you’ve ever been. Written and narrated by Laura King, this audiobook will help you utilize the practice of becoming still and going within to unleash your imagination and become inspired in all aspects of your life. New dynamic ideas about your abilities, talents, and skills give you the confidence to develop ground-breaking concepts, designs, and systems. By expressing your creativity, you develop an enthusiastic zest for life that allows you to become more innovative at work, home, and play.

Listen at least once a day for a period of three weeks and you'll find new ideas and inspirations come to you easily and effortlessly.

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