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Sleep Wonderfully
Sleep WonderfullyLaura King
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Doctors will tell you that your body requires a certain amount of sleep to rejuvenate and repair itself. Adequate rest and relaxation are imperative to good health at all stages of life, so make listening to this guided meditation, written and narrated by performance expert, Laura King, a part of your regular nightly routine.


Listening as you fall asleep automatically improves your body’s ability to get a sound night’s rest. Your mind will create new pathways at the subconscious level that make getting a good night’s sleep normal again. Keep it by your bed, and listen again if you awaken in the night. It works wonders, helping you fall back to sleep after a bout with insomnia. Additionally, it's a helpful tool for helping you take a restful nap during the day.

For optimal results, listen nightly.

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