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Drink Less Wine
Drink Less WineSkye Winslow
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Do you enjoy a glass of wine in the evening? Are you getting concerned that this glass of wine has somehow grown into a half bottle... or a full bottle... or even more?

Your concern may be that you are beginning to notice effects that you are not happy about, like not sleeping very well. Or, waking up in the morning feeling fuzzy-headed and lethargic, the unpleasant taste and feel in your mouth or the feeling of discomfort around the liver area. And let's not forget the drain on your wallet. But when you try to cut it down, it seems surprisingly hard to do so.

Two things are in play here. First, any behavior that you repeat regularly and consistently will eventually become a 'habit' - something that you do automatically and without thinking. When you attempt 'cold turkey' deliberately not to do it, it can feel very strange, and even quite distressingly uncomfortable. This discomfort can continue until you carry out the habitual behavior - and then you feel fine.

The second factor in play is that when you consume certain substances, such as alcohol, on a regular basis, real physical changes take place in your brain. In particular, as your body becomes accustomed to this substance, its effect becomes less powerful. This means that you need to consume more of it to have the same effect. And this is how your wine drinking gradually creeps up - and over the limit you are happy with.

This audiobook was created by psychologists with a deep understanding of how to modify the behavioral patterns that seem to be so firmly fixed in your brain. Using carefully targeted guided imagery, this audiobook will help you

  • relax very deeply and put your mind in a powerful learning state

  • rediscover and amplify all the different ways you can relax

  • develop an unstoppable determination to make the changes you want

  • master a highly effective technique for directing unconscious processes for change

  • reduce your wine drinking to a level you are happy with

It's time to regain control over how you enjoy life. To achieve optimal effects, listen daily for a minimum of 21 to 28 days.

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