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Easing into Sleep by Dr. Emmett Miller, MD
Easing Into SleepDr. Emmett Miller, MD
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Sleep is something we should all be really good at doing – after all, we were born knowing how to do it. The problem is that we are living in an era where there is so much stress that our nervous systems have been shifted to a hyper-vigilant mode. You may have finished everything you could get done at the end of the day, but as soon as you try to sleep, your mind, thinking that you are still under a scary physical threat, keeps you awake so that you won’t miss the cue of an impending attack by a saber-toothed tiger. Or you are kept awake trying to problem-solve (you would call it "worrying").


This gentle guided imagery offers suggestions that will help lull you into restorative sleep and create the tomorrow you want. Expertly written and narrated by Dr. Emmett Miller, MD, Easing into Sleep will help you to turn off mind-chatter, strengthen your spirit, and slip into the sleep you need to achieve your maximum potential of health and performance. And, it’s perfect for those with chronic illness, in hospital, or under stress.

World-renowned musician, Robert Haig Coxon, accompanies Dr. Miller with sweet music specially composed for this recording.

Putting the Day to Rest –  Use this chapter daily to help close the day, to instruct your mind to stop problem-solving, and release the day with gratitude. 

Sleep Easy - This chapter contains multiple meditative and self-hypnotic procedures to empty your mind, body, and emotions of tensions and allow sleep to come naturally. 

Releasing The Past – This chapter presents powerful tools for freeing yourself from the thoughts and feelings about the past that might keep you awake.

Permission to relax - This follow-up to chapter 3 offers self-hypnotic tools for relaxing and emptying the mind and body of all stress and tension.

Beach Dreams – This chapter takes you to a beautiful beach. You fall asleep on the sand, or wherever you wish.

See Contraindications and Precautions here.

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