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Parkinson's Disease by Belleruth Naparstek
Parkinson's DiseaseBelleruth Naparstek
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This audiobook for Parkinson's Disease is carefully and expertly designed to encourage balance and good posture; strong and steady movement; alleviate depression, discouragement and fatigue; and increase symptom control over common movement problems such as freezing, cramping, tremors and other side effects. In other words, the affirmations and guided imagery for Parkinson's Disease on this audio program are a natural accompaniment to PD treatment.

Research supports that continued listening will bolster mood and motivation, support energy, promote relaxation, reduce symptoms and boost self-esteem. Additionally, Parkinson's Disease help is offered through guided visualization of cell behavior that is specific to PD. The narrative content for Parkinson's Disease was created in collaboration with neurologists, motor disorder rehab specialists, and The Parkinson's Foundation of the National Capitol Area.

This  audio resource was written and narrated by guided imagery and holistic health expert Belleruth Naparstek, scored to the soothing music of Steven Mark Kohn, and produced by the Cleveland Orchestra's noted sound engineer, Bruce Gigax.

Listen to a sample and see for yourself why the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, the Cleveland Clinic, United Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente offer and recommend this audiobook as a natural complement to Parkinson's Disease treatment. 

Read the Research.  And Here.    And Here.

ISBN: 9781881405900

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