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Help with Depression
Help with DepressionSkye Winslow
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When we start to feel down, things that used to bring us joy don’t feel so great any more. It can feel as if nothing is worth doing. Or, as if you simply don’t have the energy.  


That’s why when depressed people relax deeply,
they can feel so different afterwards --- like getting their perspective back, or as some may say, it feels like they are getting their brain back. Depressed people always have higher than normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their bloodstream, which is why calming down and relaxing is so important.

This audiobook will help you to lift that heavy blanket of depression by helping you to deeply relax. It’ll allow you work with your mind to gently retrain it to harbor a new relaxed attitude and to begin to see things in a different light – coloring in those shades of gray and stepping out of your black and white world by gently erasing negative thoughts and emotions.

Includes both music version and narration only.

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