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Peak Performance for the Jumper
Stop SmokingBelleruth Naparstek
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Achieving peak performance as an Equestrian Jumper is an amazing experience. This audiobook is designed to help you prepare your mind to gain greater focus and concentration while remaining relaxed when you are in the show ring.

You are what you think. Through the repetition of positive suggestions your subconscious mind to help you calm your anxieties and perform at your very best. You'll have more confidence in your abilities and become more comfortable with higher jumps. You'll become more relaxed because you'll know that your horse has the talent and capability to jump successfully.


Learn how to prepare your mind through relaxation, imagery, and positive thinking. It's time to gain focus, confidence, and build your self-image which will ultimately improve your overall riding ability.

For optimal results, listen nightly for a minimum of three weeks.

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