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Permanent Weight Loss
Permanent Weight LossDr. Emmett Miller, MD
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This audiobook provides a remarkable set of tools that will enable you to take charge of your mind and ultimately your body. Through the powerful techniques of deep relaxation and guided imagery, Dr. Emmett Miller helps you to balance and control the thoughts and emotions that contributed to the excess weight. You'll learn to let go of the naive notion that something you do to your body -- some magic pill or clever dietary trick or supplement -- will put an end to your struggle. You'll learn that the answer lies within and that you can call upon this inner power to make the changes you want.

Mind Over Matter – In this stimulating and inspiring chapter, Dr. Miller shares the scientifically based principles used by so many to lose weight and create a healthy body – and happy life. Listen to this chapter anytime you need to strengthen your commitment to changing your mind and body.

Stop - Because imbalance caused by stress is at the core of most weight issues, this chapter provides a deeply relaxing and healing meditative experience. As your mind opens to the power you have within, your body opens to accept change.

Self–Acceptance and Empowerment – The major cause of your stress is your attitude, especially your attitude toward yourself. When you are critical or judgmental of yourself, and when you feel helpless or “less than,” you create the stress that leads the body to accumulate extra fat. As you enjoy the soothing guided imagery on this chapter, you will learn to empty your mind of this unnecessary chatter, control your awareness and release your inner power to take charge of your behavior and your body. Here, you will learn to create a deeply relaxed state of body and mind and to bring your awareness into the present moment.

Balancing Energy and Eating – Now you are ready to show your waiting, willing brain the body you want to have. You will accomplish this through the use of guided imagery and “The Master Skill” – mental image rehearsal. The greatest secret of success is that you will become what you fill your mind with all day long. Why not fill it with the goal you want it to achieve?

Breakfast of Champions – Your ability to change is multiplied when you celebrate each victory in your quest for a healthier weight – and when you learn to use setbacks to empower you to improve your future behavior. This chapter will show you a simple imagery and self-affirmation technique that will keep you on course so your new body and behaviors become permanent!

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