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Public Speaking
Public SpeakingLaura King
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Public speaking is an art form that too few have mastered. Release the fear of public speaking with this Overnight Learning audiobook and express your creative ideas confidently.

Allow your subconscious mind to accept that you are a dynamic, confident, calm, and poised public speaker. Find new confidence in how you look, how you sound, in your ideas, and in your ability to communicate your ideas clearly. Positive radiance shines from you as you realize others truly enjoy hearing what you have to say. You will see that your audience connects with you, whether it is in the boardroom, at dinner, or in front of an audience.

Expertly written and narrated by Laura King, it will tap into your subconscious and fill your mind with confidence, peace, and poise. You will learn that you can modulate your voice to make what you say more interesting. As you recognize the dynamic changes in your character, you develop a new appreciation and respect for yourself. Your ability to communicate and your sincere regard for your audience are felt as your inner self shines through to those you address.

For optimal effect listen nightly for a minimum of three weeks.

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