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Help for Tension Headaches
Help for Tension HeadacheSkye Winslow
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Tension headaches are horrible. Not only do they inflict pain, but they also make it difficult to concentrate. So, advice to relax your shoulders and neck can be very difficult to remember when a tension headache has you in its grasp.


This audiobook will help you to deeply relax in a way that’s been clinically proven to change blood pressure, relax muscles, and alter brain activity. With repeated listening you’ll train your body and mind to spot a tension headache before is arrives which will allow you to begin to implement our clinically proven strategies to lower your stress levels to improve your condition and head off that headache before it even arrives.


Most people experience relief the first time they listen, however, we recommend you listen daily for a period of two to three weeks to deeply embed the powerful healing suggestions.

Purchase includes both music version and narration only.

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