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Stop Smoking by Belleruth Naparstek
Stop SmokingBelleruth Naparstek
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This audiobook has been shown to double the rate of successful abstinence in several University of Akron studies. It is a powerful guided meditation for smoking cessation and helps people quit gradually or cold turkey. It can be used as a stand-alone therapy or work in sync with other programs, tools and techniques.

Written and narrated by guided imagery pioneer and holistic health expert Belleruth Naparstek, and scored to the exquisite, immersive music of Steven Mark Kohn, this meditation for smoking cessation was produced by the Cleveland Orchestra's Bruce Gigax.

This audiobook is research proven for smoking cessation. Positive encouragement to quit smoking naturally comes from imagining the lungs healing and toxins clearing from the body, while capacity grows each day for taking in more and more rich, energizing, life-giving oxygen. In addition to anticipating the return of a fuller sense of smell and taste, listeners learn important self-calming and relaxation skills on this smoking cessation meditation to sustain impulse control when the urge to smoke threatens to impede progress.


Listen to a sample and experience for yourself why this audio program is such a word of mouth favorite among former smokers, and recommended nationwide by hospitals, clinics, health care providers and behavioral specialists.

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