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Stop Snoring!
Stop Snoring!Laura King
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Almost everyone snores occasionally and alcohol, smoking and medications will exacerbate a slight snoring problem. Snoring can also be the result of being out of shape or overweight. Certain physiological problems also cause snoring and need to be treated medically, but more often than not snoring is simply a result of your sleeping position causing the narrowing of the air passage, change in tongue position, or narrowed sinus passages. 

Snoring makes it difficult for you and those around you to get a great night’s sleep and can even lead to arguments and resentment from your partner, so take action now with this audiobook written and narrated by performance expert Laura King.  

Listen nightly as she helps you to retrain your subconscious mind to adjust your sleep position, relax your sinuses, and adjust your muscles in your throat while you sleep ... just like it does during your waking hours.

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