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Stress Management by Laura King
Stress ManagementLaura King
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Stress levels directly affect your overall health and happiness, so learning to decrease your stress directly impacts your focus and productivity. 

This Overnight Learning audiobook, written and narrated by Laura King, trains your subconscious mind to successfully manage your stress levels in order for you to achieve your peak professional performance. 

Science has proven that you can control your heart rate and your nervous system with your mind. Stop letting your emotions sabotage you. This audiobook will help you to create new pathways in your subconscious brain, replacing old "knee jerk" reactions to situations and people with a calm and relaxed attitude that nothing and no one can penetrate. When you are in complete control of your nervous system, nothing that happens can shake you. You will learn that you can move past all obstacles and figure out any problem when you remain calm and relaxed.

For optimal effect, listen once a day - everyday - for 21 days.

Meditation vs. Yoga for stress? Research shows both work equally well. Recordings are very convenient for those with less time!

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