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Take Standardized Tests Easily
Take Standardized TestsLaura King
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Standardized test taking is required at all levels of education and so much depends on the results. 

This gradual step-by-step program utilizes visualization and relaxation techniques designed to help you improve your standardized test taking skills. You'll learn to uncover and release the destructive thought patterns that cause test performance anxiety. As you listen to this guided imagery program, author and narrator Laura King leads you through the process of letting go of test related stress and encourages you to perform at your very best.

Learn how to become confident in your test taking skills and to excel as an awesome student. Let go of negative thought patterns about testing, and allow Laura to nurture your strengths as an excellent test taker. You have the ability to choose a healthy and successful approach to standardized test taking.

For optimal results, listen daily for 21 to 28 days.

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