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Unstoppable Confidence & Concentration
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Stop SmokingBelleruth Naparstek
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The single most important and effective thing that any athlete can do to improve their performance is to change negative self-talk. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t even aware of the havoc our internal dialogue is causing; and even if we are aware of our harmful internal dialogue, we don’t know how to stop it. That’s because we try to use our conscious mind (only 12% of the brain) to change behavior.

The key to consistent, peak equestrian performance is to train your brain to change both your subconscious and conscious messages. By repeatedly listening to this audiobook written and narrated by Laura King, you will begin to automatically cancel negative thoughts/limiting beliefs and transform them into expectations of success, well-being, and happiness.

In a short period of time, you'll notice yourself becoming more self-assured, physically fit, and mentally alert than ever before. All aspects of your riding will come together so that you'll face competitions with unstoppable confidence, focused concentration, and relentless determination.

The saying “You are your own worst enemy” is based on the fact that our habitual negative self-talk produces limiting beliefs that ultimately sabotage our performances. Learn to cancel negative critical remarks and quickly replace them with Positive Self-Talk for the Western Rider.

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